• Fuji-Syokai Co.,Ltd.
    Fuji-Syokai Co.,Ltd.
  • The first AUTOBACS store
    The first AUTOBACS store
  • The first franchise store
    The first franchise store
  • The first super AUTOBACS store
    The first super AUTOBACS store
  • Garaiya
  • AQ.(オートバックスクオリティ.)
    AQ.(Autobacs Quality.)
February 1947 The late Toshio Sumino founded Suehiro Syokai as a privately owned wholesaler of automobile parts in Osaka.
August 1948 Reorganized Suehiro Syokai into a joint-stock company, Fuji-Syokai Co.,Ltd.,in Osaka and began wholesale of automobile parts.
November 1974 Opened AUTOBACS Higashi Osaka Store as the Company's first directly operated one-stop specialty store for automotive goods and services.
April 1975 Started franchise business system and opened AUTOBACS Hakodate Nakamichi as the first franchisee chain store.
November 1977 Released "tires" "oil" and "battery" as private brand products.
August 1979 Opened AUTOBACS No. 100 shop.
March 1980 Changed the company name to "AUTOBACS SEVEN CO.,LTD."
March 1989 Listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
May 1991 Opened first overseas store in Taiwan to expand business to overseas.
August 1993 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1993 Changed listings to the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
January 1995 Established AUTOBACS VENTURE SINGAPOLE PTE LTD In Singapore.
Opened the first Singapore store in May-95.
March 1995 Listed the stock on the London Stock Exchange.
March 1996 Opened AUTOBACS No. 500 shop.
May 1995 Opened the first store in Singapore.
March 1997 Opened the first Super AUTOBACS store in Chiba, Japan as a new store format which covers larger marketing areas than an AUTOBACS store.
August 1999 AUTOBACS Seven Europe SA S.A.S.(Present: AUTOBACS France S.A.S.) established a partnership with France Renault.
(Opened the first store in the country in June 2001)
June 2000 Opened the first AUTOBACS Hashiriya Tengoku Secohan Ichiba store for sales and purchases of used automotive goods.
December 2001 Released an original sports car "GARAIYA" of which AUTOBACS led the design and production.
April 2002 Opened the first AUTOBACS EXPRESS store which combined a service station and a store for automotive goods.
June 2002 Introduced "c@rs" system for used car sales.
October 2004 Moved the Head Office in Toyosu, Tokyo.
March 2007 Abolished the listing of the London Stock Exchange.
February 2012 Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification at the Head Office.
July 2014 Revamped the AUTOBACS Group Private Brand and launched "AQ." Brand deployment.
April 2015 BMW / MINI regular dealer business started operation in Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
March 2015 Opened the first store of AUTOBACS car purchase specialty store in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
February 2017 The maintenance of a mechanic manpower and the operation of a subsidiary Chain Growth Co., Ltd. for the purpose of supply and consolidation began.
March 2017 Established ABT Marketing Co., a joint venture with CCC Marketing Co., Ltd.
March 2018 AUTOBACS Group Number of stores 644 (within 603 domestic, 41 overseas)