The core of our business is related to AUTOBACS business within Japan. We operate franchises that provide for customers in need of car parts, car- related installations and replacements. Of course, we all provide car inspections and maintenance services.
In addition, we have taken the knowledge and human resources we acquired through our domestic business to expand globally. Our business includes car dealerships, BtoB and online sales.


Towards the Realization of Three Types of Value

We aim to deliver a friendly and professional service to our customers by creating three types of value: safety and peace of mind, experiences and discoveries, and self-expression.

Use cars more comfortably


Tires, legal inspections and dashboard camera, maintenance related products, safety inspection, etc.

Enjoy going out by car


Lifestyle products, drones, campers, electric motorcycles, etc.

Be more of yourself with beloved cars


Car sports equipment, garage products, ARTA related products, etc.


Strengthening our Business Foundations within ASEAN countries

AUTOBACS continues to grow as a global company through capital investment, joint ventures and alliances in Europe and the Asia Pacific region managing both retail and wholesale operations.

Wholesale Business

The AUTOBACS network of international retail stores function as showrooms effectively promoting the AUTOBACS brand. Leveraging this brand recognition, our wholesale operations have
developed in-house a range of Japanese quality products with carefully designed shelf planograms to grow the AUTOBACS global network of affiliated vendors and partners.

Retailing and Services Business


AUTOBACS overseas retail stores located throughout Asia and France provide quality automotive parts, accessories and maintenance services.

AUTOBACS supports local business through joint ventures, strategic alliances and capital investment to meet the needs of our customers.


Moving forward with our business

AUTOBACS Group is leveraging its collective strengths to develop its Imported Car Dealership Business, B-to-B Business and Internet Business as new growth-driving operations in areas which can be expected to generate synergies with domestic AUTOBACS businesses in the future.

Car Dealership Business

In April 2019, the Group established AUTOBACS DEALER GROUP HOLDINGS CO. LTD., which now manages the Group’ s imported car dealership business operations, and done the organizational structure improvement aimed aimed at increasing revenues in the future.
As of September 30, 2020, we have a system that includes 12 locations. We are striving to strengthen sales of new cars and used cars and services.

BtoB Business

The Group promotes the wholesaling of automotive goods to DIY stores, car repair shops and other customers, and to corporate customers outside of AUTOBACS Group, as well as other transactions, including installations, primarily of safety products such as drive recorders, in company cars through its consolidated subsidiary CAPStyle CO., LTD. The Group also promotes activities to build a maintenance network to provide next-generation technologies, including the creation of subsidiaries engaging in statutory safety inspections, maintenance services and sheet metal processing.

Online Alliance Business

In August 2020, we redesigned our official shopping site AUTOBACS.COM. We worked to expand sales by using AI, running promotions, and restructuring the assortment of merchandise.
We are improving AUTOBACS’ official app by making logging in easy, increasing speed, and improving usability, particularly the usability of its service reservation features, including for statutory safety inspections and oil changes.