■Sustainable Development Goals for Diversity & Human Resources

Our view is that “a company where women can work comfortably is a company where everyone can work comfortably”. We have established a system that allows all employees to choose flexible work styles and are committed to the acceptance of diversity.

Diversity & Inclusion




2020年3月期 2021年3月期 2022年3月期 2023年3月期
女性の育児休業取得率 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
男性の育児休業取得率 7.1% 4.8% 22.7% 42.1%

*AUTOBACS SEVEN Co., Ltd. alone


Each year, the Group hires diverse human resources regardless of their nationality through new graduate and mid-career recruitment, acceptance of foreign technical interns at stores, and other means. Mid-career hires accounted for 75.0% of the new employees who joined the Company during FY2022. In addition, the Company has 24 employees of foreign nationality (as of March 31, 2023).
We will continue strengthening efforts including those to supplement our human resource pool of specialists and management candidates and to ensure diversity of knowledge and experience.

Human Resource Development

Based on the concept that "employees choose and build their own careers by themselves", we have established an educational program to help individual employees clarify their own career paths through work, and have an education program in place to back this up.

Career rotations and skill enhancements

To ensure that employees gain a wide range of knowledge and experience, we conduct regular personnel transfers with a view toward job rotation, especially for younger employees. We have also established an internal job posting and free agent system so that employees who meet certain conditions can apply to work in positions they desire. In addition, we offer specialist courses for employees who have diverse experiences and have established their preferences and aptitudes. In these ways, we support the development of careers that match each employee's abilities, aptitudes, and aspirations.

Personnel development program

In addition to in-house training, we have a "cafeteria plan" that offers around 160 courses, including correspondence courses from external organizations, as well as e-learning courses and public seminars. The purpose of the plan is to encourage employees’ voluntary career development efforts. Employees using the plan, which is positioned as a "system to support employees who work hard", can receive monetary assistance with subsidies up to 100,000 per person per year. In addition, we have a full range of programs to encourage employees who are proactive in their self-development and skills development. For example, we provide rewards for those who have acquired official qualifications designated by the Company.

Employee Good Value Awards

Aiming to develop culture of complimenting and recognizing each other, the Company has held Employee Good Value Awards since FY2018, which is in its fifth year. There are six individual awards, Mood Makers, Connectors, Challengers, Good Listeners, Unsung Heroes, and Health Promoters, in addition to the Team Awards category. In FY2022, a total of 233 employees received awards.

Work-Life Balance

Appropriate Working Hours


2020年3月期 2021年3月期 2022年3月期 2023年3月期
月間平均残業時間 6.8時間 4.8時間 5.5時間 7.3時間
年次有給休暇取得率 64.7% 62.2% 52.2% 52.4%

Work-style Reforms






Children's visits

We also allow workers to bring their children to the office once every year. Employees can show a different side of themselves at the workplace which is usually limited to homelife. It also helps our company and other employees deepen their understanding of people not being simply employees but also parents.