AUTOBACS SEVEN Group Human Rights Policy

Everyone is equal.

The AUTOBACS SEVEN Group will respect the human rights of its stakeholders, namely shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, and customers.


We understand that, amid changes in circumstances surrounding business, development of organization and personnel will be the source to offer our value to society and would be key to the revitalization of our business. On the basis of this idea, we aim to create an environment where we respect diverse values and regard differences between individuals as valuable, and where a wide variety of people can achieve their potential. For this purpose, we will respect the human rights of all people and will never conduct any act of discriminating against or impairing the dignity of any individual for any reason whatsoever.


1. Respect for human rights and diversity

We will respect the human rights and personal dignity of all people involved in our business. We will not conduct any discrimination for any reason whatsoever. We will also strive to create an environment where we respect the diverse values, personality, and privacy of individuals, recognize differences between individuals and permit them to display their potential.


2. Compliance and fair employment

We will support and respect international norms related to human rights and comply with international treaties, laws and regulations that apply in countries and regions related to all people affected by our business activities. We will also ensure proper employment and working conditions.


3. Prohibition of harassment

We will strive to eradicate any act of mental, physical, and sexual harassment, abuse, bullying or suchlike that impairs personality and dignity of individuals and strive to ensure considerate words and actions, as well as sound communication.


4. Maintenance and improvement of health

We will encourage our employees to work together with family members for improving their mental and physical health. We will strive to improve our health awareness and to create an environment for maintaining and improving our own health.


5. Ensuring of occupational safety and health

We will follow laws, regulations and internal rules related to workplace environments to create a working environment that is open, safe, and hygienic.


6. Respect for personal information and privacy

When handling personal information, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations, and other norms to protect the personal information of all those involved in business activities and to respect their privacy.


7. Dissemination and education of policy

We define this policy as essential to corporate growth and will conduct awareness-raising activities and give education to develop the awareness that it is basic to all business activities.


8. Human rights due diligence and remedial and corrective actions

We will establish a process of assessing possible impacts on human rights before implementing human rights due diligence in an effort to identify, prevent and mitigate human rights risks. We will provide a point of contact for the notification of occurrence or the possibility of negative impacts on human rights and will take fair and impartial measures to remedy and correct them.


Established on April 1, 2023

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