AUTOBACS SEVEN Group Procurement Policy

We will comply with the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Action and carry out procurement activities that fulfill our social responsibility together with suppliers in order to create supply chains where the sustainability of the global environment and society is ensured.


1. Consideration of the global environment

We will pay attention to climate change and endeavor to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, to prevent pollution and to recycle resources. We will also implement procurement that will lead to the preservation of biodiversity and to the maintenance and improvement of forest, water, and other natural resources.

2. Consideration of human rights and occupational safety and health

We will respect basic human rights, observe international standards related to human rights, including consideration of occupational safety and health, and the prohibition of unreasonable discrimination, child labor and forced labor. We will thus increase human rights considerations throughout our supply chain.


3. Supply of safe and reliable merchandise

We will carry out activities to procure high quality goods in order to offer merchandise and services that customers can use without concern at optimal prices.


4. Compliance with laws and regulations and fair trading

We will comply with international treaties, laws and regulations that apply in the countries and regions where we do business. For the purpose of selecting suppliers, we will make decisions based on an overall assessment that includes compliance, environmental attitudes, respect for human rights and other aspects, in addition to quality, prices, delivery time and supply stability.


5. Information management

We will manage intellectual property, confidential information and personal information property and strive to prevent leaks.


Established on April 1, 2023

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