Ever-Evolving to Remain Essential to Our Customers

First, we would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support.


Since our founding in 1947 to the present day, AUTOBACS SEVEN has provided customers with car-related merchandise and services via our stores. Today, we have 600 AUTOBACS stores in Japan that sell automotive goods and provide services. Including other segments such as our car trading business AUTOBACS CARS, our store count now reaches approximately 1,000 stores domestically and 60 stores overseas.


Recently within the automotive industry, electric vehicles have become more widespread while autonomous cars are being developed for use on the road. In addition, internet-based services have become widespread while customers' preferences, values, and purchasing behavior have diversified.


Meanwhile, though the environment surrounding cars and our customers are changing, our objective remains unchanged - ensuring the safety of our communities while driving and enriching customers' lives. We believe that the defining purpose behind the AUTOBACS Group is attaining a sustainable society where people and cars coexist, and to do so, we will focus on ​ensuring the safety of our communities while driving and enriching customers' lives.


In November 2024, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the first AUTOBACS store. To achieve sustainable, medium- to long-term growth and continue to evolve further at a speed that exceeds changes in the business environment, we have implemented franchise chain reforms and announced our 2024 Medium-term Business Plan under the title Accelerating Towards Excellence.


As we continue to adapt to changes in the business environment surrounding the automotive society of the future and place importance on the thoughts and emotions of our customers at the center of this society, we will persistently challenge ourselves to create new values while strengthening our core business. 


We would like to sincerely ask our shareholders and investors for your continued interest and support.


Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer
Yugo Horii