Increasing our corporate value on a long-term, sustainable basis by fully grasping changing customer needs to shape our business model to fit the times.

First, we would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support.


The world is currently undergoing a period of major change. The spread of COVID-19 affected people's activities and values, while geopolitical risks like those related to Ukraine have come to the fore, causing prices to rise and companies to face an unprecedently challenging business environment. Meanwhile, the growing importance of international sustainability, technological advances, and digital transformation present opportunities to create new services and to carry out business reform.


The automotive industry is also experiencing unprecedented transformation. Our company, in response to changes to the external environment and the diversification of customer needs, has been advancing our "Five-year Rolling Plan" designed to address this via swift and decisive decision-making aimed at steady growth.


Although the car after-sales market is said to be entering a period of maturity, we intend to achieve sustainable growth by progressing beyond being only a wholesaler/retailer of automotive goods and services and toward being “a company that consistently offers the enjoyment of going out.” We will continue to fulfill our mission of “providing customers with the best solutions for their car lifestyles and creating a rich and healthy automotive society.” Just as we did in our early days, we will transform into a company rich in enterprising spirit, enhancing our corporate value in a long-term and sustainable manner, and creating new value without being bound by existing frameworks.


We would like to sincerely ask our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders for your continued interest and support as we navigate through these current times.



Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer
Yugo Horii


5ヵ年ローリングプランについてはこちら 読む 長期ビジョン・経営計画