Long-Term Vision “Beyond AUTOBACS Vision 2032”

「Beyond AUTOBACS Vision 2032」では、2032年度を目標年度としオートバックスセブングループの進化の方向性を示しています。 パーパス「社会の交通の安全とお客様の豊かな人生の実現」への貢献に向けた取り組みを、迅速、果断な意思決定によって推進するとともに、お客様と社会にとってなくてはならない企業グループを目指します。

Awareness of Issues

Changes in the Business Environment
  -Greater interest in the environment
  -Diversification of customer needs and purchasing behavior
  -Advancement in automobile maintenance and shortage of certified mechanics
  -Increase in connected cars
  -Popularization of autonomous vehicles
  -Shift from car ownership to car sharing
  -Shift to carbon neutrality

Direction of the AUTOBACS SEVEN Evolution

Dedicated towards providing you the joy of going out


Target of Business Growth

Consolidated net sales: from ¥236.2 billion in FY2022 to ¥500 billion in FY2032

2024 Medium-term Business Plan "Accelerating Towards Excellence"

2024年度から2026年度を計画期間とする2024 中期経営計画「Accelerating Towards Excellence」では、長期ビジョンを達成するための新たな方向性、3つの戦略骨子および9つの重点施策を策定いたしました。「Accelerating Towards Excellence」を着実に推進し、加速度的な成長を目指します。

New Direction

Aim to become “Mobility Lifestyle Infrastructure” for our customers on a global scale


1. Change to a structure that focuses on and enhance retail and wholesale operations, the two areas in which we excel*


2. Take on challenges in peripheral areas in order to realize the long-term vision


3. Achieve stable returns to stakeholders while further increasing profit levels


*Transnational strategy for wholesale, multinational strategy for retail

FY2026 Performance Targets

Consolidated net sales 280.0 billion yen
Consolidated operating incom 15.0 billion yen
ROIC 7.0%

Strategy Outline

Strategy to achieve the new direction

1.“Create touch points” to continue to support mobility lifestyles

<Key measures>

  • Expand new bases, including new store openings, and expand channels (100 bases)
  • Establish new online marketplaces
  • Develop new services that solve social issues


2.“Develop and supply products and solutions” tailored to mobility lifestyles

<Key measures>

  • Expand wholesale sales channels by developing attractive products and solutions
  • Strengthen competitiveness through supply chain management and consolidation of the AUTOBACS franchise chain headquarters
  • Strengthen external sales by packaging private brand products, services, and sales support measures

3.“Establish new business domains” in response to changes in mobility lifestyles

<Key measures>

  • Develop EV solutions business, whose market is expected to expand
  • Handle sales and after-sales services for micromobility, etc.
  • Form group subsidiaries with companies that have synergy with the Group’s existing businesses through horizontal and vertical integration

Capital Allocation

  • Invest a cumulative total of 35.0 billion yen
  • Policy on shareholder returns: Maintain stable dividend payment (annual dividends of 60 yen per share)