Making company-wide efforts to bring about a safe society with peace of mind where people, cars, and the environment exist in harmony

Since our founding in 1947, we have been committed to our mission of creating a rich and healthy automotive society by always offering our customers the best solutions for their car lifestyles. In the midst of Japan's rapid move toward motorization, we have worked to provide our customers with safety and peace of mind, to bolster their enjoyment and to bring added convenience through a lifestyle lived with cars.


In recent times, the world’s awareness of sustainability has accelerated year by year. One of the most pressing issues has been climate change, and to address this, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are accelerating around the world. Our company will continue to provide products and services to satisfy our customers as we always have, but in addition to this we will promote efforts to solve environmental and social issues, which we feel is the reason companies exist today, and should be our company’s mission going forward.


In January 2021, we launched the " ESG & SDGs Project " under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, and announced four materialities. Then in May 2022, we went on to form a company-wide task force and set our non-financial targets. Moving on from this, we will establish KPIs suited to our non-financial targets, and will carry out specific initiatives toward meeting them.


In addition, we aim to make steady progress in initiatives aimed at sustainable growth, including strengthening our systems to continue to offer safety and peace of mind to customers and local communities, ensuring compliance, and promoting diversity. Our desire is to further raise the bar for the entire AUTOBACS Chain, including the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group and our franchisees.


Although the social environment is becoming increasingly unpredictable due to issues like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to work toward solving various social issues through our business activities, and to bring about a rich and healthy automotive society where people, cars, and the environment exist in harmony.