Establishing our Sustainability Basic Policy to strengthen our efforts toward achieving “a safe, secure, and gentle society in which people, cars, and the environment exist in harmony.”

From our founding in 1947 to the present day, through the rapid motorization of Japan, AUTOBACS SEVEN has worked to offer our customers safety and security while enriching the fun and convenience a car-based lifestyle can provide. We will remain a professional and friendly presence in people's lives and strive to build “a safe, secure and gentle society in which people, cars and the environment exist in harmony.” As part of strengthening this commitment, in April 2023 we have established a "Sustainability Basic Policy."


In recent years, there has been progressively more awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change, and of social issues including human rights. Climate change is a particularly urgent issue, and to solve this challenge, efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality are being rapidly rolled out across the globe. In this environment, we believe that our mission, and the defining purpose behind our company, is to continue providing merchandise and services that satisfy our customers and promoting efforts to address these social issues.


In 2021, we launched the "ESG & SDGs Project," and in 2022, after discussion and approval by our Board of Directors, we set non-financial targets and KPIs. We are currently carrying out specific initiatives toward achieving these goals. In 2023, the entire AUTOBACS Group, which includes our franchisees, is promoting initiatives under the three concepts aimed at achieving both sustainable growth and sustainable social development: "safety and security," "CO₂ reduction," and "staff health." We will continue to regularly report to our stakeholders on the progress of our initiatives and pursue them responsibly until they are achieved.


We pledge to continuously contribute to solving social issues through our business activities as we promote company-wide efforts to bring about “a safe, secure, and gentle society in which people, cars, and the environment exist in harmony.”



Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer

Yugo Horii