Moving Towards a 100-Year Enterprise

Since our establishment in 1947, AUTOBACS SEVEN has been instrumental to the evolution of motorization in Japan while staying the course of upholding our mission to enhance life and enjoyment of a car-related lifestyle for our customers.
With the rapid development in the global climate over the recent years, we witness massive changes. With major shifts in the automotive industry such as the rise of autonomous driving, this has led to a revolution in our lifestyles on a personal and business-focused landscapes. As we continue to grow our company, our mission is to adapt to these changes and not just respond to customer needs, but to also provide new discoveries as well as creating new values for our customers.
In our Vision 2050 – Creating Our Future Together, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to society, cars, and lifestyles of people by relentlessly providing our best efforts and commitment that stemmed from our 100-year enterprise in becoming a driving force that is indispensable to society.
As a company that bridges people to cars, and being the professionals in the automobile industry, we remain steadfast to take on this challenge of creating valuable solutions and services for our customers by harnessing the talent and capabilities of our entire AUTOBACS Group, to inspire the continuous development of new and exciting car lifestyles.

Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

Kiomi Kobayashi