■Sustainable Goals for Natural Disaster Assistance and BCP

AUTOBACS SEVEN provide safe storefronts for the community in case of an emergency. We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable city by implementing effective disaster countermeasures as a headquarter.

Disaster Return Home Support Station (Assist to People Who Have Difficulty Returning Home After Disasters)

When a large-scale disaster occurs, public transportation is likely to be disrupted for those who are out commuting to work, school, shopping, etc., and many people are expected to return home on foot. 
We offer our stores as Disaster Return Home Support Station for people who have difficulty returning home after a disaster. Agreements are concluded with each local government to provide tap water, use of toilets, road information by maps, etc., and information on passable roads obtained by radio, etc. 

Stores able to support people in disasters will have a sign like the image pictured above.

Local governments we are working with

締結日 自治体名
1 2011年1月17日 沖縄県〈5店舗〉
2 2011年2月3日 福島県〈9店舗〉
3 2011年10月24日 愛媛県〈8店舗〉
4 2011年11月8日 富山県〈14店舗〉
5 2012年1月23日 秋田県〈5店舗〉
6 2012年2月15日 山梨県〈5店舗〉
7 2012年10月26日 山口県〈7店舗〉
8 2013年11月22日 静岡県〈23店舗〉
9 2014年8月28日 宮城県〈12店舗〉
10 2014年11月6日 埼玉県、千葉県、東京都、
11 2015年3月17日 滋賀県、京都府、大阪府、
12 2016年1月25日 新潟県〈11店舗〉
13 2016年8月1日 岩手県〈8店舗〉
14 2018年6月11日 石川県〈10店舗〉
15 2018年8月29日 群馬県(7店舗)
16 2018年11月13日 栃木県〈9店舗〉
17 2023年3月15日 岡山県〈12店舗〉
18 2023年6月30日 愛知県〈30店舗〉

The number of store locations in brackets is indicative of the stores offering support as of June 30, 2023.

Training Based on Our BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

We have formulated a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to help guide our business in the event of an emergency.
In order to continue operations and recover quickly when encountering states of emergency such as large-scale disasters, we have compiled a list of measures to take that we learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
Based on this plan, we are able to minimize the damage caused by disasters, give responsibility to our employees to support early restoration of social infrastructure, and train for these situations twice a year so that we can respond smoothly in case of a disaster. A response headquarters has also been established to conduct initial training and employee safety training regularly.

Equipping AUTOBACS GROUP Vehicles with Natural Disaster Car Kits

In our company, employees who work daily using company-owned vehicles do not know when or where they may encounter an accident or natural disaster. By equipping company vehicles with an emergency escape hammer and a natural disaster car kit, over 200 of our company vehicles are able to provide support for those in need.
The AQ. Emergency Escape Hammer is a product from our private brand that is a tool for breaking windows or other glass when a person is trapped inside a car. It also able to cut a seat belt and help car passengers from escaping unsafe situations. The Natural Disaster Car Kit is a compact set created by the AUTOBACS Group and is also sold at stores. It has been well received by customers as a way to be prepared for disasters.
This Natural Disaster Car Kit contains water for drinking, a whistle, wet towels, insulated poncho, portable toilet set, hot packs and masks. This compact package is equipped for easy access from the driver's seat.

Participation in the Mobility Resilience Alliance

In cooperation with the Japan Car Sharing Association, we have been donating cars to affected areas and providing support such as transportation and maintenance. However, in response to the recent increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters, we believe that we need to further strengthen our support system. In July 2021, we concluded an agreement with Japan Car Sharing Association to provide vehicle support in the event of a disaster, and joined the Mobility Resilience Alliance, which was established with this organization as its secretariat.