The AUTOBACS Group strives to provide value to society based on the strength of its corporate brand. To this end, we have established a system to prevent important risks that may damage the brand through our business activities.

Product Quality Control

AUTOBACS Group Product Quality Guidelines

We are always aiming to provide secure and safe high quality products with the customer's point of view as our standard.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations related to our products.
  2. We will provide products that meet the product quality standards defined by the AUTOBACS Group.
  3. We will strive to improve our quality control skills with the aim of maintaining and further improving the quality of the products.
  4. We will actively engage in the purchase and provision of environmentally friendly products.

Product Quality Standards

We control the quality of our products in accordance with our Quality Control Regulations. In addition to the private brand products that we sell, we also work with manufacturers and suppliers of national brand products to manage products from multiple perspectives, including the legality of the products themselves and their use, and consumer protection based on the Product Liability Law.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

As we outsource the manufacturing of many of our private brand products to overseas factories, we audit and advise them at their production sites to ensure consistent quality. In addition, just before shipment from the factory or upon arrival at the logistics center, we inspect the products based on the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), which is widely adopted globally.

Buyer Development Training

To provide safe, reliable and high-quality products to our customers, we conduct buyer training every year. We explain the role of buyers and the knowledge and skills they need. We train buyers not only in profit and loss management and cost structure, but also to be flexible and strategic buyers who can respond to the future environmental changes. This enhances the brand power of AUTOBACS and creates a product lineup and sales floor.

Quality Control of Services

Quality Control for Pit Services

At our stores, we have prepared pit service manuals and wheel drop prevention manuals to ensure that our operations always put customer safety first. We have also established mechanic qualifications and work to improve the skills of our workers through technical training and e-learning. In the area of statutory safety vehicle inspections, we unify the work within the group to improve quality and work efficiency.

Hybrid Car Work Store Certification System

To service hybrid car batteries, etc., Japanese law requires all relevant employees to take "special training related to maintenance operations for electric vehicles, etc.". We conduct hybrid car training for Group employees and certify stores equipped with the following four items as stores handling hybrid car work: special training related to maintenance operations for electric vehicles, etc., insulated tools, diagnostic equipment, and hybrid car training. The certified stores place this certification near the store entrance. As of the end of March 2022, 363 stores have been certified.

Risks to Personal Information

To protect personal information, the Group takes the best possible measures for information security which is outlined in our privacy policy. Our policy is disclosed both internally and externally. In the unlikely event of a leak of personal information, we have established an internal communication system to minimize the damage to the owner of the personal information and to prevent it from affecting the business activities of our group.

Car Lifestyle Support Center

There are a variety of inquiries from customers, such as product inquiries, opinions about store support, reservations for oil and tire change work, and inquiries to stores. To respond to these inquiries, we have put call centers in the Toyosu head office and in Yamagata to support our customers car lifestyle.