AUTOBACS SEVEN's Purpose & Philosophy



Ensuring the safety of our communities while driving and enriching customers' lives



AUTOBACS Chain Management Mission


AUTOBACS has always been committed to providing customers with the best solutions for their car lifestyles and creating a rich and healthy automotive society.

Our Ideal as a Company

Professional & Friendly

AUTOBACS continues to contribute to communities and societies, aiming to be a trusted entity recognized as a professional and friendly organization by our stakeholders.

AUTOBACS SEVEN's Business and Strength

The business model of our main businss, Domestic AUTOBACS Business is the franchise model with our company as AUTOBACS franchise chain headquarters.
 In addition, we are using the expertise and human resources we have built as a company within Japan to expand our business. We are continuing to grow through new businesses such as Car Dealership, BtoB and Online Alliance Businesses. We are also building our presence overseas to continue our global expansion.

Strengths of AUTOBACS

*Figures are the results for the fiscal year ended March 2023 or as of the end of March 2023.

*"Tire dealerships No.1" is the result of the 2023 survey on tires conducted by the JMA Research Institute, Inc.

*Fiscal year ended March 2023

AUTOBACS SEVEN Group's Financial Performance



*Fiscal year ended March 2023

Global Expansion

Overseas network

In the overseas business, we are expanding our wholesale operations through capital and business alliances with leading local companies and joint ventures. We are operating AUTOBACS stores to sell automotive goods and other merchandise, provide installation services, car maintenance services, and body repairing & painting.

Dividends and Shareholder Benefits


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