With the aim of further enhancement of corporate governance and the achievement of sustainable growth and the further improvement of the medium- to long-term corporate value; separating business execution and supervision to pursue both effective and swift decision-making and appropriate monitoring of the management of the Company, the Company further reinforces its corporate governance system through the following measures, while taking advantage of its feature as a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee.

  1. Appointment of one third or more of independent outside directors: enhancement of the supervisory function, protection of general shareholders’ interest
  2. Establishment of committees as consultative bodies to the Board of Directors: ensuring of transparency, objectivity and appropriateness
  3. Selection of full-time audit and supervisory committee member and selected members of Audit and Supervisory Committee: ensuring of effectiveness of the activities of Audit and Supervisory Committee, enhancement of the audit function
  4. Adoption of a General Manager system: Separation of execution and supervision, holding of Monitoring Committee, clarification of management responsibilities
  5. Regular meetings with General Managers by Audit and Supervisory Committee members: enhancement and reinforcement of monitoring

Corporate Governance Structure