■Sustainable Development Goals for Next Generation & Automotive Culture

At AUTOBACS, we strive to increase traffic safety awareness and to foster the next generation to think about their future professions while providing multiple ways to experience the pluses of living in conjunction with cars.

Pavilion Opened at KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Koshien and KidZania Fukuoka

KidZania Tokyo opened in October 2006, KidZania Koshien opened in March 2009, and KidZania Fukuoka opened in July 2022.  As an official sponsor, we are exhibiting the Car Lifestyle Support Center pavilion at KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Koshien and KidZania Fukuoka. Through these activities, we aim to convey to children the joy of experiencing automobiles, promote understanding of their mechanisms and safety, and contribute to the building of a safe automotive society in the future.
In addition, we want to nurture the next generation of car enthusiasts and encourage them to think, “When I grow up, I want to drive a car by myself!” or “I want to repair cars by myself!” Our goal is to encourage children to have dreams for the future. 
The pavilion's theme is technical skills from “the best merchandise, technical skills and services” in AUTOBACS Declaration. Children can experience tire replacement, vehicle inspection and maintenance in the pit (work place where parts are replaced and installed).

Through these experiences, children can solve the questions "Why does turning the steering wheel move the tires?" or "What kind of work does the battery do?" or "Which tools do you use to change the tires?" as well as other "Why?" questions while becoming familiar with how cars work.

“KidZania” is a child-sized town with shops and facilities called “pavilions." Children who work and receive services at KidZania can choose their favorite job from many pavilions and services, and can freely experience work and social experiences. KidZania was born in Mexico City in 1999, and 800,000 people visit it a year, and it is also used as a part of extracurricular classes in elementary schools.
At "KidZania Tokyo" (Tokyo, Koto-ku), “KidZania Koshien” (Hyogo, Nishinomiya City) and “KidZania Fukuoka” (Fukuoka, Fukuoka City) there are many pavilions such as radio stations, candy factories, beauty salons and fire stations.


Nurturing a Future Profession: Kodomobacs
Our in-store event “Kodomobacs” gives children the chance to try their hand at a number of activities, including a working experience at service bays where they get to wear AUTOBACS overalls and change a car tire, taking souvenir photographs wearing a car racing suit, and decorating cars with drawings. The purpose of this event is to have children interact with our employees to cultivate a view of occupation, and also have them experience the appeal of making a living together with cars, the wonderful life

ARTA School Visits

ARTA (AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI) is a team that is sponsored by our company and participates in the SUPER GT. ARTA visits elementary schools in Mie and Tochigi Prefectures every year as part of its support for the development of the next generation and its contribution to the local community, to allow its drivers and engineers to interact with elementary school students. 
In May 2019, four drivers and engineers of ARTA that had been competing in SUPER GT until the previous day, visited elementary schools in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture and talked about how they realized their dream of becoming a racing driver.
These interactions not only stimulate an interest in motorsports and racing cars, but they also aim to spark the first step towards realizing future dreams of children and students. 
Through this exchange, AUTOBACS SEVEN not only is promoting children's interest in motor sports and racing cars, but also is giving an opportunity for children to think about their future's dreams and about the exciting possibilities that they may be able to achieve in the car industry.