■Sustainable Development Goals for Promoting Health & Exercise

We aim to continue working to improve the health of our employees and the community. We will work to ensure a healthier lifestyle for all people.

Exercise Habits

Sports Yell Company

Certified as "Sports Yell Company 2023*".
This is the fifth consecutive year that AUTOBACS SEVEN have been certified.
*What is a Sports Yell Company?: The Sports Agency aims to promote sports for the “working generation” and foster social momentum for sports, with the aim of implementing sports to promote employee health. Companies that have been actively engaged in activities are certified as "Sports Yell Company".

Health Support

Health Management Training

We conduct health management training for employees who are at high risk of lifestyle-related diseases based on a multifaceted analysis* of various medical data, such as medical checkup data and interview data. In the seminar which lasts for one night and two days, we hold a variety of programs with the aim of understanding and improving one's own health. Of the people who are eligible to receive it, 55.0% receive specific health guidance and 75.5% receive health management training.

The percentage of the people receiving specific health guidance show a greater improvement of their body mass index (BMI) and their exercise habits than other employees, and the people taking health management training showed greater improvement regarding the cessation of smoking, the reduction of alcohol consumption, and the consumption of breakfast than other employees.

Health Conferences

The AUTOBACS Health Insurance Association takes the lead in September of every year to provide health conferences. These conferences provide our employees with information from health promotion officers of participating companies and health insurance representatives. For two days, presentations are given on the status of health management initiatives, and seminars are conducted based on employee health.

No-Smoking Challenge

The smoking rate of our employees is as high as 36.8% (FY March 2019), and we are working on activities to promote smoking cessation as a key measure to promote health management.
To discourage smoking, we became a member of the Consortium of Companies Promoting Non-Smoking Lifestyles. In addition, our CEO sends letters to employees who smoke and their families recommending that they quit smoking and we provide financial support for outpatient smoking cessation treatment.
As a result of these efforts, at the end of March 2021 the smoking rate of our employees finally fell below 30%, to 29.9%. The smoking rate of our employees is still higher than for society as a whole. We will continue to create a culture that encourages people to quit smoking and to implement measures that help people stop smoking.

Dental Checkup Program

We have a health checkup program that is available through online services to optimize the health care expenses of the health care department. This also helps to improve the health of our employees. We will work on taking further measures to support not only dental checkups but any other health-related checkups in the future.

App for Lower Back Pain

We have introduced an app that helps manage lower back pain and increase the productivity of our employees. As part of our health management initiatives, we are also working on taking measures for pain prevention, based on the fact that body pain can lead to depression or sleep disorders. This also discourages working while feeling sick or in pain*.
*Working while feeling sick or in pain can also be called 'presenteeism'. This can lead to lower productivity or even becoming unable to continue working.

Healthy Diet Support from Okan Shokudo

In order to support employees to have healthy eating habits, employees can eat food from Okan Shokudo, which is located near the corner of our Toyosu Headquarters. This store makes it easy for employees to purchase vegetables, fish, meat and other side dishes that support a healthy diet.