■Sustainable Development Goals related to Motorsports Activities

Through the activities of motor sports, we aim to enrich the lives of people involved in motorsports so that they may improve their skills of mechanics and have valuable experiences.


We have established the ARTA Project (AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI) and are now fully engaged in motor sports activities. This project was started by our company together with former F1 driver Aguri Suzuki to develop Japanese drivers who can compete on the world stage. We have been discovering young people with the potential to become racing drivers and have been involved in various races and activities in Japan and overseas since 1998. Their participations to races encompass domestic cart races, SUPER GT, Formula Japan and IRL Indy Car Series, and the range of activities has been expanding.
The project is one of groups FOS, which stands for Fresh-Man One Make Speed Event, and has supported non-professional racing drivers in Japan and positively supported AUTOBACS' store members participations to motor sports races.

The project has been participating in the top class racing events in Japan, SUPER GT. From 2003 GT champion races, the project has participated in the GT 300 class races with the machine whose base is the AUTOBACS original car "Garaiya" of which AUTOBACS led the production from the design stage. At racing circuits, we form ARTA supporter teams comprising nearby stores staffs, customers, and employees of companies that are supporting motorsports activities with AUTOBACS. The size of supporters could reach 1000. The team, the support staff, and the customers unite to share the excitement and thrill of the race and create a love of racing and love of cars.
ARTA project's activities do not stop at participating into races. It provides special supports to SUPER GT races etc., in order to vitalize overall motorsports activities and turn drivers in the world to car lovers.


より多くの方にクルマを好きになってもらいたいという想いから、eモータースポーツ「JEGT GRAND PRIX」の大会主催者として支援し、国内最大規模の賞金総額をかけた公式シリーズとして「AUTOBACS JEGT GRAND PRIX 2022series」を開催しています。今後もさまざまな方がeモータースポーツの大会に出場できる機会を提供し、競技の裾野を広げていくことを目的としています。