■Sustainable Development Goals for Environmental Protection

We value people, areas and the global environment, and ensure sustainable consumption of goods to lessen our effect on our surroundings. This allows people to live their life in harmony with nature, and allows us all to live in a better and more beautiful society.

Product Recycling and Proper Disposal

In Japan, approximately 100 million tires, equivalent to 1 million tons, are disposed of very year. Used tires collected from customers at AUTOBACS Group stores are pulverized and processed into chips by specialists and are recycled as a source of thermal energy. At the factories of such specialists collecting used tires from AUTOBACS Group stores in Kanto’s vicinity, over 100 tons of used tires are brought in, selected, broken, and transformed into sources of energies every day. Used oils and batteries are also separated by material and processed correctly by designated operators and are then recycled.

In addition, radiator liquids, bumpers, and aluminum wheels are separated by material and reused. Through recycling them by material, approximately 90% of an entire automobile’s parts are recycled. Recycling fees are used for transforming parts into different materials and for processing airbags and CFC gas that are cumbersome to process.

Resource-saving Initiatives Such as Simplified Packaging of Products

In response to environmental problems such as disasters caused by climate change, lack of water and food, and depletion of natural resources, which are becoming increasingly serious, we aim to reduce the generation of waste through the development of environmentally friendly products and maintenance services.
We are continuing our efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags by encouraging customers to reduce the use of plastic bags even after the introduction of a fee for plastic bags.

Also, we are working to minimize the amount of waste generated by the packaging of our private brand products by reducing the weight and reviewing the materials of such packaging.

Clean-up Activities Near Mount Fuji and Our Toyosu Headquarters

Since 2002, as part of the AUTOBACS Group's social contribution inititatives, we have recruited employees to volunteer and periodically pick up trash at the foot of Mt. Fuji and Aokigahara Jukai.
The areas around Mt. Fuji have illegally dumped waste that includes used tires and batteries. As we are the AUTOBACS Group, a group dedicated to providing total car life services, we believe that the collection of such waste is an important initiative. Also, in order to contribute as a corporation to beautifying our local environment in Toyosu, Koto-ku where our headquarters is located, we have been holding clean-up activities every week with volunteering employees since 2005.

Solar Energy

In 2013 we installed solar power generation panels using areas of the roof and other unused sections of our West Japan Logistics Center (Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture). This initiative reduces our emissions of CO2. Total power generated during the fiscal year ended March 2023 was approximately 1.26 Million kWh. 

Initiatives in Distribution

When transporting products not requiring express delivery, we make use of rail freight containers instead of trucks to reduce CO2 emissions. We also utilize reusable folding containers in various sizes to deliver products to stores in an effort to reduce waste in the form of cardboard boxes.