■Sustainable Development Goals for Traffic Safety Initiative

By promoting traffic safety through merchandise and promoting traffic safety awareness to local communities through stores, AUTOBACS aims to help create a society without traffic accidents.

Traffic Safety Picture Book "Mugi's Bread"

Aiming to create a society without traffic accidents, we issued a road safety awareness picture book "Mugi's Bread" in collaboration with Baika Women's University, with the aim of improving traffic safety awareness among children.
This book focuses on traffic safety, and follows the story of Mugi, who is the son of a baker, as he goes to town with his father to sell bread and the talks with animals they meet along the way about traffic safety.

Products Supporting Safe Driving

In recent years, there have been a number of accidents caused by the misuse of the accelerator and brake pedals by the elderly or people who are not used to driving. According to the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA), more than 4,000 accidents due to wrong pedal use occur annually. The percentage of
these accidents by age group is high for drivers under 24 and over 65, and especially for elderly drivers over 75. This is thought to be due to inexperience in driving techniques and a decline in driving ability due to aging. To prevent these types of accidents, we are developing and selling products that prevent sudden acceleration. 

In addition to selling Pedal Watcher, we are working with police and municipalities in some areas to provide Pedal Watcher with hands-on experience during senior citizen training sessions at driving schools. In December 2017, we donated 1 million yen from the sales proceeds to the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accident, with the hope that traffic accidents will be eradicated through Pedal Watcher.

Utilization of Dashboard Cameras

As a measure to prevent traffic accidents, we have mounted dashboard cameras on company-owned cars (approximately 200 cars) at each business location to raise awareness of safe driving. In addition, by selling dashboard cameras at stores and telling many customers about their functions and necessity, we have also been able to resolve accidents quickly, improve fuel efficiency, and deter crime.

Introduction of Breathalyzers

To help prevent the drunk driving among AUTOBACS employees, we utilize breathalyzers, which can judge alcohol concentration levels objectively. Checks before taking a company-owned car out are mandatory, and we are thoroughly managing this initiative.