Information Security Policy

The AUTOBACS SEVEN Group has “ensuring the safety of our communities while driving and enriching customers’ lives” as its purpose, deploying franchise stores in Japan and abroad. As we consider the proper management and protection of personal information from the customers and the information assets of the Group to be an important management challenge, we have decided on an Information Security Policy and announce initiatives in accordance with it.


1. Establishment of an Information Security Management System

Led by the management, the Group will organize a promotion and management system to ensure information security as well as maintain and improve information security.


2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Group will observe laws and regulations, government-issued guidelines and other social norms related to information security.


3. Education on Information Security

The Group will provide education and training on information security regularly to inform about and build awareness of information security measures.


4. Measures to Protect Information Assets

The Group will take physical, human, and technological security measures to appropriately protect information assets from leakage, theft, alteration, destruction, and other risks.


5. Implementation of Inspections and Audits

The Group will regularly confirm its adherence to information security-related regulations and the application of information security measures, promptly devising corrective measures if an issue is detected.


6. Response to Information Security Violations and Incidents

If a legal violation or incident concerning information security should occur, the Group will respond to it appropriately and take measures to prevent a recurrence.


7. Continuous Improvement

The Group will regularly revise the effectiveness of this policy and related regulations in accordance with changes in the information security environment.


Established on February 1, 2024