Through the AUTOBACS franchise system, we provide a variety of merchandise and services to numerous customers. We recognize that our most important management task is to continue working to maintain and improve the AUTOBACS brand - an effort which will win even greater support and trust from all stakeholders.
To this end, we not only respond to the daily changes in the environment surrounding the Group, but also accurately identify, evaluate, and appropriately control various risks that may hinder the achievement of our goals. In addition, we strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by establishing a system that enables us to minimize damage and loss in the event of a serious incident and prevent the spread of such damage.
We will continuously work on improving integrated risk management throughout our Group and aim to become a corporate group that has gained the trust of its stakeholders.

Risk Coverage

The scope of integrated risk management shall be all risks that may interfere with the maintenance and improvement of the AUTOBACS brand and crises that may occur with regards to the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries (the “AUTOBACS SEVEN Group”).

The Purpose of Integrated Risk Management

  1. Stable business continuity
  2. Securing the safety of customers, local residents, officers, employees and their families
  3. Perform our social responsibility

Guidelines for Action

  1. We shall make constant efforts to develop awareness of significant risks associated with business activities of the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group and we shall never overlook risks.
  2. We shall pay sufficient attention to trends and demands of society regarding risks and work for the continuous improvement of integrated risk management and the enhancement of our ability to deal with risks.
  3. Each and every officer and employee of the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group shall act with risk management awareness.
  4. In our integrated risk management activities, we shall always keep in mind the safety of customers, members of local communities, officers and employees of the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group and their families and the conservation of operating resources.
  5. In the event that risks materialize, we shall act responsibly and devote efforts to respond to and recover from said risks in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Integrated Risk Management System

We have established the Risk Management Committee, chaired by Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer, and composed of Executive Directors and General Managers in charge of internal control functions, for controlling risks in AUTOBACS SEVEN Group, and for promotion and enhancement of our company-wide risk management system. If an unforeseen event causing a serious impact occurs or is likely to occur, the Chief Cxecutive Officer, who is the chairperson of the Risk Management Committee, will establish a Crisis Management Headquarters. The Chief Cxecutive Officer will then take command and strive for a quick and appropriate response and recovery.

* The Integrated Risk Management Structure includes a risk management system and a crisis management system

* The term crisis refers to an event that has or could have a significant impact on the management or business continuity of the AUTOBACS SEVEN Group.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

To respond to major crises, such as large-scale disasters, we have set up Crisis Management Headquarters based on our Crisis Management Rules and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Manual to ensure a system that can deliver a quick response. Following on from the previous fiscal year, in FY2022, we also conducted drills twice a year, and maintained the Crisis Management Headquarters for COVID-19.

Ongoing educational initiatives regarding integrated risk management

The Risk Management Committee continues to educate Directors, General Managers, and employees on integrated risk management to ensure that the integrated risk management system functions properly during both normal times and emergencies.