What is AUTOBACS Fuel System Treatment

AUTOBACS Fuel System Treatment will give the user the feeling of improvement by Triple Action Formula and Friction Modifier.

Modern engines tend to form internal deposits causing a loss in fuel economy & engine performance compared to when new. AUTOBACS Fuel System Treatment contains three powerful synthetic cleaning agents formulated to restore fuel economy & engine performance. It is also recommended as effective preventative maintenance to help keep injectors clean & prevent harmful carbon deposits forming inside the combustion chamber. Additionally, AUTOBACS Fuel System Treatment contains a friction modifier that lubricates the upper cylinders leading to reduced engine wear, improved fuel economy & improved throttle response.     

Triple Action Formula

It contains three different conponents, PEA and PIBA which have different cleaning effects,and CeO2 which makes soot and carbon easier to burn. 
CeO2 * uses a high quality catalyst called Envirox ™.
These three active ingredients remove dirt from the intake system to the exhaust system inside the engine and restore the original performance.

*Envirox™* is used for CeO2Envirox™ is a trademark of Energenics Europe Limited

1.Polyetheramine (PEA)
Polyetheramine is a powerful cleaning detergent highly effective in cleaning clogged fuel injectors & removing carbon deposits from the intake valves & combustion chamber.

2.Polyisobutene Amine (PIBA)
Polyisobutylene Amine is an effective fuel injector cleaner that removes deposits from within the injector while preventing new carbon deposits forming on the intake valves & combustion chamber.

3.Cerium Oxide (CeO2)
Removes carbon deposits from NANO CeO₂ - Envirox™ cerium oxide nanoparticles improves fuel burn delivering more useful work with every piston stroke. CeO₂ removes carbon deposits from inside the combustion chamber & exhaust system.

Friction Modifier

Using a high-performance combustion friction modifier
By promoting lubrication of the upper part of the cylinder, wear inside the engine is reduced.


Action Image  

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Clogged Fuel Injector

Sooty Valve

Correct Injector Spray

Clean Valve

Test Results


Supports capacity of 280 ml per bottle and 50 liters of fuel
Recommended for use every 5,000km